International Patients and Tourists

c_touristWe would like to welcome all our international patients. Our practice is located in the heart of Heidelberg and is easy to find for those not familiar with the city. Our English-speaking team is looking forward to your visit. Other languages spoken are French, Turkish and Russian. Whether you are seeking a general practitioner or an experienced specialist in internal medicine, you can count on our support thanks to our specialisation in a variety of treatments and therapies.

We offer broad experience in illnesses of the gastrointestinal tract, the billiary tract and the liver, as well as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, endocrinological issues and infections. No matter whether you require preventive medical checkups or treatment of acute or chronic illnesses, we are always happy to help. Our surgery is a teaching practice of the Medical Faculty at Heidelberg University. This close relationship allows knowledge and methods to be exchanged between the university and local doctors and means our patients benefit from treatment at a high scientific level and modern technical equipment. As such, the practice meets the quality criteria for medical care laid down by the Heidelberg University Hospital.

Prior to your visit we will issue you with an appointment – to ensure we have enough time for you and to prevent you from having to wait longer than necessary. Should you be unable to fulfil this appointment, please inform us of this in good time. Our practice opens at 8.00 am and we can be contacted by telephone until 6.00 pm. In the case of acute illness, please call the practice during the early morning hours. We will then arrange an appointment as needed.


  • All questions regarding internistic and GP support
  • Preventive checkups
  • Diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, heart attack, angina pectoris heart rhythm disturbances, heart failure)
  • Illnesses of the stomach, intestine, liver, pancreas
  • Respiratory diseases (bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis)
  • GP and internistic care of oncological illnesses
  • Diabetes mellitus, thyroid diseases
  • Liver illnesses, monitoring of liver values
  • Psychosocial care in difficult situations